Програма за трек в подножието на връх Машербрум


Masherbrum Peak

This easy trek leads to the foot of the majestic Masherbrum Peak (7820m) with excellent views. The route to the Base Camp is through the Khaplu Valley to Hushe Village to where we go with jeep. Hushe is the last village, 140 Km east of Skardu and starting point for treks to various summer pastures and glaciers. It is located at the elevation of 3250m from the sea level with population of 900 inhabitants and 120 households.

DAY 01 Islamabad Arrival & transfer to Hotel.
DAY 02 Fly to Skardu 2200m OR Drive to Chilas on Karakuram Highway.
DAY 03 Day Free if  Fly OR Drive from Chilas to Skardu if Byroad (7– 8 hrs)
DAY 04 Drive to Hushe (3050m), 5-6 hrs/cam
DAY 05 Trek Hushe to Parbisan 6-km 2-3 hrs/camp
DAY 06 Trek to Brumbramah (4050m) 2-3 hrs/camp
DAY 07 Excursion to the Masherburm Base Camp (4280m) 2-3 hrs and back to Brumbrammah, overnight in camps.
DAY 08 Trek back to Hushe 3-4 hrs overnight in the camp
DAY 09 Jeep drives to Skardu, overnight at hotel
DAY 10 Fly to Islamabad OR Drive to Chilas
DAY 11 Rest Day in Islamabad
DAY 12 Departure from Islamabad (Drop to airport)


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